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January 31, 2007


Michael Roberts

Eating fish seems to reduce peoples risk of alzheimer,s disease, and may even slow its progress. researchers at Tufts university, Boston, studied the link between the level of an omega 3 fatty acid (DHA), in the blood of 899 men and women, and the chance that they developed alzheimers or another form of dementia. those with the highest levels of DHA, had a 47 per cent lower risk of dementia, and a 39 per cent lower risk of alzheimers. they also had the highest fish intake- an average three servings a week.


The franchise was established in 1967 as a founding member of the American Basketball Association, with trucking magnate Arthur Brown as the owner. Brown had operated several AAU teams in and around New York City, and was viewed as an ideal pick to run the nascent league's New York franchise.

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