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April 19, 2007



Great ideas . Any more contributors to this discussion. I would like to pursue these ideas in collaboration with other interested parties. I am deeply involved in Mental Health issues , a business man and father of a son with mental illness.

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More & more people know that Blog are goods for every one where we can get more knowledge nice job keep it up !!!

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Good Ideas, thanks for sharing this information!!

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I would like to know these ideas with a little more of information.

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Good idea I hope that can be very helpful for all the readers.

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Important information is very clear and necessary to know about technology and health.

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Use technology to improve mental health its not difficult but its VERY expensive.


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Hello I'm Edson Valsechi and I a treatment to cure some mental issues.


Mental health and technology seems to be a overrated couple.

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Do you read Brain Storms ? a book about knowledge theory ?

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how the hell a psycologist use technology to do his job ?

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Mental health supported by tech sounds like a big deal

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Your ideas are very interesting, thanks for sharing with us.


mental health is a matter of humans ..technolohy has nothing to do in this area.

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We have to find the answer for your question, that is a very important topic and the most important is find the tools.

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i'm always agree with your reviews and this one is not an exception.

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I prefer the traditional way of cure mental illness.

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I'm agree with you, we need more tools.

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great post about Assistive Technology and Mental Health thanks for sharing!!!!

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Blog is so good where i get lots of information about Assistive Technology and Mental Health

nice job!!

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